Pre-Fall Wardrobe Update – Paisley Print Tops

As you may have noticed, Commandress is getting a makeover! While we’re wrapping that up, we’re going to share a series short posts about quick & easy updates for your wardrobe.

Today I want to share a beautiful paisley print top that caught my eye at Bloomingdale’s – it’s a perfect item for transitioning from summer to fall.

Status by Chenault Paisley Print Peasant Blouse - Made in the USA Top - transitional shirt

In addition to looking fantastic, the top is washable, under $100 and Made in the USA – three things that we love around here!

The Status by Chenault Paisley Print Peasant Blouse is $78 from Bloomingdale’s, which shows it both tucked and untucked. I’m not familiar with this brand, but they have a lot of cute print tops at Bloomingdale’s.

 *      *      *

This top also reminds me of one of my favorite season-spanning tops: this Made in the USA paisley tunic by Glam that I found at the Fab’rik at Emory Point. (Photo by Elle Smith Photography)

Glam Paisley Tunic from Fabric - Made in the USA - Commandress

This top is no longer available, but I’ll link to more paisley print tops after today’s post goes out!


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PrAna Phoebe Tank Top for Yoga and Beyond

Yesterday, I wrote about two brands of women’s activewear new to me. Today’s post is about a brand I already know and love.

Two years ago, I bought my first PrAna Amaya athletic dress. It’s flattering and comes in lots of fun prints. Now my wardrobe includes three Amaya dresses. They’ve held up great, and PrAna has become one of my favorite activewear brands.

A Yoga Top Pretty Enough to Wear Outside of Class

There is a PrAna top I have my eye on for its sporty design and gorgeous prints. PrAna’s Phoebe Tank Top has a shelf bra and a X-back design that’s attractive – as well as perfect for yoga and other activities. It’s also Made in the USA.

Several online sites carries the Phoebe Tank Top in different patterns.

The Phoebe Tank Top in Blue Pixie (below), Black Pixie and Viola Pixie is available from Zappos. ($65)
PrAna Womans Yoga Top Activewear

Garnet Hill has the Phoebe Tank Top in a Black Print (below) as well as an Indigo Print. ($65)

Woman Yoga Top Prana Yoga Top Garnet Hill

Sierra Trading Post has the Phoebe Tank Top in three colors in XS, S and M on sale for $42.95 has the Phoebe Tank Top in Plum Red Quito in L on sale for $52.99

The Phoebe Tank Top is made of recycled materials – as is much of PrAna’s activewear and other products. PrAna is a brand to have on your radar if environmental sustainability is a cause you care about.

Fun Fact: PrAna was the first North American company to produce and market Fair Trade Certified clothing.

Online, Zappos has the largest selection of PrAna activewear, gear and equipment. If you are interested in checking it out, click here.


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Don’t Like Your Clothes? Revitalize Them! (Part 3)

This is the third post in a series about how to tackle your wardrobe if you’re unhappy with your clothes – or just feel like you have nothing to wear.

In Part 1, we talked about giving yourself permission to cull your wardrobe, keep only the clothes you love, and identify a neutral skirt or pants that fit, flatter, complement your personality and suit your lifestyle.

In Part 2, we covered coordinating tops to wear with neutral skirts and pants.

*      *      *

Today’s post is all about Commandress’ secret weapon: the dress!

The post ends with examples of an everyday dress, a work dress and a dress for special occasions.

(If you also love the idea of workout dress, check out our beloved sports dresses from Patagonia and Prana that we’ve featured here and here.)

“As much as I like a cute outfit assembled from separates, I prefer dresses.”

I find dresses to be more comfortable than separates. I also think you end up spending less on your wardrobe if you favor dresses over separates.

They’re also so easy to wear! With a dress, your major decisions about what to wear are already made and all you have to do is accessorize it.  How is that for making life easier?

Of course, all this assumes that from today forward you only keep – or buy – dresses that fit, flatter your shape, complement your personality and suit your lifestyle.

Each dress should also be appropriate for the occasion(s) for which you wear it. For example, a cool sleeveless knit cotton dress is perfect for a casual day or even a picnic, but it probably isn’t suitable for work or a cocktail party.

So, it’s time to revisit your closet and assess your dresses. Are there any you love? Great! Are there any you would love with some minor alterations? If so, bring them to the seamstress. Say goodbye to the rest.

“I think a lot of women default to thinking that dresses are expensive or only visualize cocktail dresses when they think about dresses,
but there are dresses that fit every budget, need, occasion and woman!”

Just as I suggested that you tally your outfits made from separates in Part 2 of this series, factor your dresses into the equation. If you prefer separates, that’s fine. But I encourage you to give dresses a try!

How to Shop for Dresses That Work for You

Different styles and brands tend to flatter different figures. When you try dresses on, make note of both the style and brand for both the dresses that flatter your figure and the ones that do not. In the future, this will help you steer toward the styles and brands that work for you.

For example, now that I’ve started paying more attention, there are styles and designers that I know will fit me well before I’ve even tried them on. I can even order their dresses online confident that I will love them.

Think about the gaps in your wardrobe before you begin dress shopping.

If you lead a very casual lifestyle, there is no sense in buying a bunch of cocktail dresses you won’t wear – no matter how tempting those dresses might be! You’ll want to focus your efforts on more casual dresses. If you work in a conservative office, you’ll want to hone in on dresses appropriate for your work environment. And, of course, when you do need one, dressed up dresses are the most fun to shop for!

Three Dresses That Illustrate Everyday Style, Work Style and Dressed up Style
Womens Casual Dress Womens Work Dress Womens Cocktail Dress

Everyday Dress (Left): The perfect casual dress is one that you can wash and wear – repeatedly. I love KUT from the Kloth’s Woven Shirtdress in Navy! ($108 from Nordstrom, Made in USA) This is the kind of dress you will do an extra load of laundry for because it’s so easy, so comfortable and so flattering. For a loose version, click here. To see more examples of casual dresses that Commandress profiled recently, click herehere and here.

Work Dress (Center): When looking for work style, you’ll want a dress that looks polished, but is easy to wear. With its three-quarter length sleeves and knee-length, Boden’s Elena Wrap Dress in Brown Sixties Geo will make you look professional, comfortable and confident. (Sale: $118 from Boden, Original: $148) Wrap dresses are universally flattering because they are so adjustable; I often pair my wrap dresses with camisole just to ensure a degree of decorum. To see more examples of work dresses that Commandress profiled recently, click here and here.

Dressed Up Dress (Right): A dress for special occasions doesn’t have to be all satin and lace. In fact, you may get more mileage from a LBD-style dress – like this classic dress in red. T Tahari’s Valencia Fit & Flare Dress in Poppy is a perfect blend of striking and versatile. ($108 from Bloomingdales) To see more examples of dressed up dresses Commandress profiled recently, click here and here.

*     *     *

We’ve covered a lot of ground in just three posts! We’ve found bottoms we love and tops that look great with them. Today, we’ve talked about how great dresses are.

The next post in the series will begin the process of transforming those separates or that dress into polished outfits that work for you.


Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.