At Ease, Smart & Chic – Maaji Picaroon Cats Cover Up Windbreaker

Maaji Picaroon Mixed-Print Zip Swim & Surf Jacket

Something that you’ll love to wear when you’re not in the office. A wise family friend often cites one of my favorite proverbs: There’s no accounting for taste. Google’s “translation” strikes the perfect note of good-natured tolerance married with discerning judgment that makes this saying so delightful: It is impossible to explain why different people like different […]

Professional, Smart & Chic – Under $100 – Ivanka Trump Ruched Collar Jacquard Coat

Ivanka Trump Jacquard Coat

A work-appropriate look you can get excited about.  Several Ivanka Trump shoes and handbags have been featured on Commandress, but today is the first time I’m featuring items from her newer clothing line. Ivanka Trump shoes are a reader favorite for their perfect mix of price, style, quality and comfort. It looks like her clothing line is […]

Professional, Smart & Chic – Helene Berman Lace Bomber Jacket

Helene Berman Lace Bomber Jacket - Navy & Black

A work-appropriate look you can get excited about. Here’s an item that certainly belongs in the “you have to see it to believe it” fashion category: a stylish – and dare I say professional – Lace Bomber Jacket. It  may sound crazy, but this Helene Berman Lace Bomber Jacket ($228 from Nordstrom) looks modern, chic […]

Professional, Smart & Chic – NIC+ZOE Outrageous Jacket & Belted Ponte Dress

NIC+ZOE Outrageous Jacket

A work-appropriate look you can get excited about.  NIC+ZOE is one of my favorite brand discoveries of the past few years. They make smart and interesting sportswear that lends itself to a business casual office. The brand’s prices are reasonable and most of their clothes are hand or machine washable. In addition, they clearly share […]

Professional, Smart & Chic – Via Spiga Leopard Print Topper

Via Spiga Leopard Pattern Topper Coat - professional animal leopard print coat

A work-appropriate look you can get excited about.  Today I woke up to one of the first really cold mornings in Atlanta, so it’s time to take stock of my fall and winter coats. Coats are tricky this time of year because the temperature will probably be warm – if not hot – by midday. […]

Commandress Favorites – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2013 – Jewel Tone Leather Jackets

Bernardo Zip Trim Leather Scuba Jacket - Dark Teal - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - dark green teal leather jacket fall 2013

It’s the second most wonderful time of the year! This week Commandress is featuring my top picks from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale - a fantastic opportunity to buy brand new fall clothes and accessories at amazing discounts. This week I’m rounding up the best clothes from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I started with professional suits and dresses, but […]

Commandress Outback Bound – Outdoor Clothes for City Girls

The North Face Penelope Jacket - Deep Blue Polka Dot

Commandress loves Australia! The feature ‘Commandress Outback Bound’ is about my travels there . . . and what I wore. Yesterday’s post about the best Australian fashion brands for professional women is already one of my Commandress favorites! I’d be delighted, of course, to wear beautiful clothes and accessories from brands like Anthea Crawford, Cue, […]

Commandress Outback Bound – Greetings from Australia

Laundry anorak blue

Commandress loves Australia! The feature ‘Commandress Outback Bound’ is about my travels there . . . and what I wore.  My time in Australia is winding down, and it’s been an absolutely amazing visit! I’ll have a lot to report when I return home this week. For now, one of my pre-trip purchases deserves special […]

Rest Your Eyes on This – Desigual Primavera Floral Print Trench

Desigual Primavera Trench - Tiva - Desigual floral print trench coat - Desigual rain coat - floral print raincoat - pretty single breasted trench

In “Rest Your Eyes on This,” Commandress takes a mini-vacation to spotlight something that is lovely and delightful – regardless of its practicality or its price. I’m currently hunting for a very practical trench coat for a couple summer trips. Granted, this Desigual Primavera Trench wouldn’t make it to the top of many “very  practical” lists, […]

Professional, Smart & Chic – Introducing the 2013 Color of the Year (And How to Enjoy Wearing it Now!)

Helene Berman Single Breasted Reefer Coat - Emerald cobalt - affordable wool cashmere coat - pantone spring colors to wear now

A work-appropriate look you can get excited about. Happy New Year! 2013 has begun with some dark and dreary weather in many parts of the country, so it seems even more appropriate – and necessary! – to feature something fresh, vibrant and forward-looking in the first Commandress post of 2013. Let’s begin with a gorgeous […]