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Athleta’s Lava Hype Run Jacket

While browsing online for items to feature in this week’s posts about stylish workout clothes, my scrolling abruptly stopped when Athleta’s Lava Hype Run Jacket in Navy Print ($138, also in White Print) appeared on my screen.

It isn’t often that I get so excited about a workout jacket, but check out this jacket’s flattering shape and fun, bright print. It’s a thoroughly modern plaid!
Womens Activewear Jacket Stylish Workout Wear

Here’s a picture of the jacket’s backside, which is just as flattering as the front.

Womens Stylish Workout Wear Jacket Stylish Activewear

In addition to looking so good, the jacket is lightweight, water-repellant and wind-resistant. Eureka! It will be perfect for those cold and dreary days I’m coming and going from the gym, running errands, watching a lacrosse game or walking the dogs.

To see everything in Athleta’s lava print – including tank, sports bra and capris – click here. To visit Athleta, click here.


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Don’t Like Your Clothes? Revitalize Them! (Part 4)

This is the fourth post in a series about how to tackle your wardrobe if you’re unhappy with your clothes – or just feel like you have nothing to wear.

In Part 1, we talked about giving yourself permission to cull your wardrobe, keep only the clothes you love, and identify a neutral skirt or pants that fit, flatter, complement your personality and suit your lifestyle.

In Part 2, we covered coordinating tops to wear with neutral skirts and pants.

In Part 3, we shared Commandress’ secret weapon: the dress!

In Part 4, we talked about

*      *      *

Today’s post talks about how to add interest to your outfits (either a dress or a top paired with a skirt or pants) by layering with a sweater, jacket, blazer or similar covering.

The post includes examples of an everyday or casual layer, a layer to wear to work, and a layer that adds to your dressed up style.

What is the point of layering?

Practically speaking, layering helps keep you warm. More importantly for our sartorial quest to revitalize your wardrobe, layering adds a new and different dimension to an outfit. 

For example, you have grey pants and white top that look very flattering together when you try them on, but the outfit comprised of just those two pieces bores you. Add a coordinating cardigan sweater, jacket or blazer, and you have just enlivened your outfit!

“Wearing another layer – such as a cardigan sweater, blazer or jacket – makes an outfit look more polished and complete.”

 How to Add Layers to Your Everyday Style

As society has become increasingly casual in the past several decades, there is more reason for most of us to call casual style our everyday style. (Your life may be so casual that your primary style is your workout style – which Commandress will address in future posts.)

In a broad generalization, casual layers are going to be less structured than work layers. Certain fabrics, such as denim and knits, lend themselves to being more casual than other fabrics.

Anthropologie’s Banded Confetti Cardigan Sweater ($98) is a wonderful example of an everyday layer. It is beautiful, reviewers rave about its comfort, and it would add vitality to an outfit. This cardigan sweater would coordinate with a plethora of neutrals and colors so odds are it should coordinate well with many tops, bottoms and even dresses in your wardrobe.

Womens Colorful Cardigan Sweater from Anthropologie“By adding a layer you may change the original purpose of the layer or the look of the outfit.”

For example, wearing a structured jacket appropriate for work with jeans makes for a cute, everyday outfit. Alternatively, a seemingly casual jacket can become work appropriate as well.

Another example of an everyday layer is a trendy denim jacket!

How to Add Layers to Your Work Style

Jackets, blazers and sweaters suitable for work are usually more structured, and therefore, more fitted. Certain prints, such as houndstooth, and certain fabrics, such as tweed, will be more suitable for work than others. For examples of refined sweaters with work style, click here and here.

Tahari Arthur S. Levine’s Houndstooth Blazer in Black and White ($149 from Lord & Taylor, also available in Petite) is a great example of a layer with smart work style. The silhouette is fitted. For a work-appropriate jacket, this one has some flair with its notched collar and cuffs which adds a dash of panache. Compare it to Armani’s Geometric Woven Cardigan.

Womens Work Blazer Womans Jacket for Work

When layering, work style does not need to be devoid of color. In most offices, bold jackets would be entirely appropriate. Commandress has profiled many a bold hued jacket, blazer and sweater appropriate for work including this one, this one, and this one.

How to Add Layers to Your Dressed Up Style

Layering for special events is so much fun! With a special bolero, shrug, wrap or cape you will feel glamorous and your entrance will be eye-turning.

I love Alex Evenings’ Hanky Bolero ($48 from Nordstrom, click here for the Plus Size style)   It would look spectacular over the T. Tahari Valencia Fit & Flare Dress profiled in Part 3 of the series.

Hanky Bolero Special Event Jacket

Yes, when getting dressed up, layers become even more superfluous, but add to the festiveness of an outfit.

In the event you cannot visualize what a shrug looks like, click here to see a versatile one.

*    *    *

In closing, your assignment is to try on each of your outfits with your jackets, cardigan sweaters, and blazers. Some tops/bottoms or dresses may not coordinate with every layer. Plan to only wear the layered ensembles that look great. The whole ensemble should work together as well as fit and flatter.

How many new ensembles can you create? Do you have the right number of ensembles for your everyday, work and dressed up styles? Are there any outfits you would like to augment with a layer? If so, either wear them or take them with you as you go shopping or have them by your side as you shop online.


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Professional, Smart & Chic – Under $100 – Eliza J Ruched Sleeve Blazer

A work-appropriate look you can get excited about.

Yesterday I took a sidetrip from the task of rounding up pretty floral dresses for a new post about how to wear floral prints to work to look for a great summer jacket to pair with the dresses.

This Eliza J Ruched Sleeve Blazer is such a catch that I’ve decided to start the week with it!

Eliza J Ruched Sleeve Blazer in Black - summer work blazer under $100 - professional fashion - office style #commandress

Eliza J Ruched Sleeve Blazer - summer work blazer under $100 - professional fashion - office style #commandress

The jacket’s classic tailoring and neutral colors ground a pretty floral print and even navy lace (in the second picture).

I also love the jacket’s easy one-button style paired with sporty ruched sleeves – which are a fantastic option for hot weather.

The Eliza J Ruched Sleeve Blazer is $78 from Nordstrom in Black or Ivory. It’s available in sizes S (2) through XL (16).

It’s dry clean only, but the affordable price will help pay for the blazer’s maintenance!

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