Smart, Chic & Made in the USA – Weekend Edition – Summer Sandals

Commandress Special Reports – “Smart, Chic & Made in the USA” is a month-long feature that will spotlight American-made clothing. This “Weekend Edition” features something that you’ll love to wear when you’re not in the office.

Happy Friday! In case you weren’t already daydreaming about your weekend plans, today’s post features a selection of great American-made sandals to get your mind wandering. . .

Do you have any shoes that you love so much that you have moments of anxiety thinking about the sad, sad day when you’ll have to part with them because they’re utterly worn out? That’s how I feel about my Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals in Platinum (the wonderfully neutral metallic color shown in the Midwedge Sandal below), which I bought over five years ago as a souvenir from a wonderful family vacation in Palm Beach (when in Rome . . .). But guess what? I wear these sandals all the time and they still look great! The Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals (shown here in Turquoise/Gold) are available in a wide variety of colors from Amazon for $110.

But the story is not quite over because my (completely unwarranted) anxiety about wearing out my Jack Rogers Sandals compelled me to purchase a “back up” – something similar, but just a little different – a year later. These Jack Rogers Hamptons Midwedge Sandal have a two inch heel, and I actually think they are even more comfortable than the flats. These sandals are available in platinum, silver, gold, black, and white for $138 from Amazon. You can also have a lot of fun admiring all the other Jack Rogers shoe styles and colors (here is the Jack Roger’s Women’s Shoe Page on Amazon). (Please note that many Jack Rogers shoes are made in Brazil – not the USA. The website includes the country of origin for most of the shoes.)

Another fantastic brand to check out is Oka b., which manufactures all of its thongs, slides, and ballet flats in Buford, Georgia. I have a couple pairs of the thongs (one with a heel and one without) and they are insanely comfortable and look quite chic – and prices generally range from $25 to $45. I may not be able to resist the Oka b. Alexandracrystal jeweled thong (shown on the far left in “Dirty Martini” and also available in Pearl), which is $40 from Another fun option this year is the Oka b. Gisele Ballet Flat with a cluster of flowers (shown on the near left in Fushia and also available in Camel, Blue, Citrine, Black and Sapphire), which is $45 from You can also have some fun browsing Amazon’s Oka b. Selection.

These Onex Santa Fe Sandals are some fun-looking wedges. I’ve shown the Multi, which remind me of sandals I wore in grade school (minus the wedge, of course) – I’m still drawn to woven sandals in this cheery color scheme. The sandals have a 3 inch wedge and a 1 inch platform – probably not walk-all-day shoes even though Onex is known for comfort. The Onex Santa Fe Sandal is available from in Multi/Weave (shown here) and Natural Gold (metallic) for $69.28; they are also available in Natural/White for $85.

Finally, these Munro Tahiti Sling Sandals are a marriage of comfort and good looks. Munro is known for its amazing fit and feel, and this sandal has a lovely design. It also has a very reasonable 1.5 inch heel. The sandal is Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials. It is available in Saddle (shown here), Black, and Sandstone for $184.95 from Amazon and Nordstrom.

Munro American - Tahiti (Saddle Pearlized Leather) - FootwearUpdate: The Munro Tahiti Sandal is also available in all three colors from Zappos for $185. I’ve include a picture of the Saddle here because it shows off the pearlized leather. Pretty!

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links for AmazonNordstrom and Zappos.

9/27/12: This post was updated to replace Endless affiliate links with links to other retailers. (You’ll be missed, Endless!)


  1. Victoria says

    Thanks for the Jack Rogers review – I’ve always admired them but wondered if they were worth the price. Sounds like the answer is yes. And I probably will have placed my first Oka B order by the end of the day – they look awesome!

  2. Daphne Rudynski says

    Commandress, what is your impression of women who wear sandals but not toe nail polish? For reasons I won’t belabor I cannot wear toe nail polish. Sometimes I attend work-related casual events on the weekend and in sandals am always a little self conscious about my bare toe nails. Any thoughts?

    • Victoria says

      I think you have to wear nail polish – not sure if this is a Southern thing, but that’s always been the case for me.

  3. Commandress says

    Hi Daphne – I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I wouldn’t recommend bare toe nails at a professional event. Many people won’t notice, but I suspect that the vast majority of people who do notice bare nails will think that they should be painted.

    But, you may be able to buff your toe nails to a shine that looks like clear nail polish. Two nail buffers with excellent reviews:

    (1) Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer
    – $3.49 from

    (2) Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator 4-Way Nail Buffer
    – $12 from

    If you feel like experimenting, I have another (crazy?) idea – have you considered tinting your nails? If you are trying to avoid a particular chemical, there could be a product that does not include it. Sometimes tints are marketed for kids. I also found some internet chatter about using henna or hair dye to tint nails. I can tell you a little about henna because I tried using henna to color my hair strawberry blonde in college – the result was closer to orange (oops). And because I didn’t wear gloves, the henna also colored my hands and nails – I think my hands were back to normal in a couple days, but the nail color had to grow out! You could spread Vaseline around your nails and apply a tint to the nail only. If you buffed tinted nails, I bet it would look like polish. Just an idea . . .

    • Daphne Rudynski says

      Commandress, your suggestions are great! Thanks for all the great advice and practical ideas. I’m going to try them out.

      Victoria, it’s a predicament I wish I didn’t have as I yearn to have pretty painted toes too! I don’t know if it is a southern thing or not. That is an interesting question as I live in the South too.