Smart, Chic & Made in the USA – Business Casual – J.McLaughlin Washable Separates

Commandress Special Reports – “Smart, Chic & Made in the USA” is a month-long feature that will spotlight American-made clothing. 

Thank you to Reader M for introducing me to J.McLaughlin on a trip to New York earlier this year! Reader M raved about their washable jersey dresses, which can suffer all sorts of mistreatment with nary a wrinkle. I purchased the Emma Cap Courtyard Square Dress shown here in Blue/White and could also rave about it for days – it is so flattering, easy to wear, and looks brand new after many washes. The dress also travels like a dream and is Made in the USA! It is above the knee – a little short for the office – but I’ve worn my dress just about everywhere else. The Blue/White is sold out online, but the Emma Cap Courtyard Square Dress is available in a few sizes online in Black/White for $195. J.McLaughlin clearly agrees that this style is a winner because they offered the Emma dress in several different prints – hopefully it will become a regular.

J.McLaughlin recently opened a store in Atlanta, so I’ve been able to spend more time checking out their clothes – lots of great items! It’s important to note that most J.McLaughlin clothing is not Made in the USA – but fortunately it seems that most of the items that I like are American-made (including all of the items featured in this post). Of course, even brands that are well-known for being Made in the USA may make 10% or more of their products overseas. If you want to be sure that you are buying American-made products you always have to check the label for each individual item (or get in touch with the brand/store to ask).

On my most recent visit, I found some fantastic washable separates – all made in the USA! First, this Gulf 3/4 Two Tone Elsie Top in White/Charcoal is perfect for business casual offices and anytime when you want to look polished – but not overdone. I’m typically drawn to more colorful items, but I love this distinctive print and it’s a great backdrop for fun, colorful accessories. The Gulf 3/4 Two Tone Elsie Top in White/Charcoal is on sale for $69.90 (marked down from $155). J.McLaughlin regularly offers this shirt style in a variety of fun prints.

This fall iconJ.McLaughlin also has some great faux suede separates. I purchased the Reece Faux Suede Skirt in Black to go with the Elsie Top (and a hundred other things). The skirt is knee-length on me, incredibly soft, and extremely flattering – a great work wardrobe staple. And . . . it’s washable – hooray! The Reece Faux Suede Skirticon is available in Black and Dark Brown for $158. The Darci Faux Suede Pants are brand new, so I haven’t tried them on yet – I’ll report back when I do. They are also washable and available in several neutral colors, including Black, Dark Brown, and Tan (shown above) for $158.

Last but not least, I love this Wavesong Normandy Boatneck Tee (shown here in White/Pink Berry). The shirt has a charming three button detail on one shoulder. The slim fit is fantastic and the stripes are too narrow to have the dreaded horizontal stripe effect. The top is available in several different colors for $98. Yes, that’s pricey for a “Tee,” but it’s a fair price for this top because the quality is fantastic – you’ll enjoy getting a lot of wear out of it. Also, no dry cleaning bills!

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links for J.McLaughlin.


  1. Judy says

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, but look forward to checking it out. I particularly like the 3/4 sleeve wrap top. That’s my kind of print.

  2. Wardrobe Malfunction says

    With advance apologies for the thread-jacking, can you please, oh wise Commandress, provide some good counsel for those situations in which I really need to either throw away or give away a piece of clothing, yet can’t force myself to do it? It happened again yesterday. I was walking down the street in my BR wrap dress, which always flips too far open when I walk (putting the world at danger of seeing my panties) and thus is utterly unpleasant to wear. And yet, I have trouble getting rid of it – usually the excuses center around how much money I paid for the garment, how few times I’ve worn it, what fixes I could theoretically apply (yet never actually do), its sentimental or aspirational value, etc. Do you or your readers ever have this issue? if so, how have you resolved it?

  3. Michelle says

    Stealing the thread back! I loved shopping with Commandress and Reader M at J.McLaughlin earlier this year. What an absolute treat! I got a great deal on a gorgeous rabbit neck wrap that I’d never take off if that sort of behavior were acceptable, well, anywhere!

  4. Missy says

    Too funny that you should post this today! I am sporting the Gilchrist shirt dress in a bamboo pattern today to the office! And, I note that J. McLaughlin has a great end of the season sale going on now….

    • Commandress says

      Hi Missy, and thank you for the sale update! You’ve been my J.McLaughlin guru, so please keep me posted when you find new things that you like. ;)

  5. Lauren says

    Hi Commandress! I love the blog. The new Atlanta J.McLaughlin store is in my neck of the woods. I haven’t been in yet, but that faux suede skirt is giving me a reason to stop by, and maybe check out the Emma dress while I’m there!

    • Commandress says

      Hi Lauren! Thanks so much! If you find something you love while you’re shopping there, I’d love to get an update from you.

      Also, if you’re interested in checking which items are Made in the USA while you are there, the information is usually on tiny little tags in the shoulder seam. Susan, the manager, also helped me identify items when I told her I was looking for American-made clothes.

  6. Commandress says

    I tried on the Darci pants today. I think these would look great on a lot of different figures – and they are very popular, so a lot of customers love them – but they didn’t work for me. I’m an unusual case when it comes to pants – they rarely fit me well because the proportions of my lower body are a little off. (Yet another reason why I love dresses so much – camouflage!)

    Interestingly, the pants have a straight leg in person – the picture on the website looks tapered. So don’t write the Darci pants off just because you think they have a tapered leg! If you’re looking for a new pair of pants, I would definitely recommend checking these out.

  7. Susan says

    Hi Commandress. The Emma dress is also available in the same great white/charcoal pattern as the Elsie top. Love it!