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Commandress Special Reports – “Smart, Chic & Made in the USA” is a month-long feature that will spotlight American-made clothing. 

It’s no secret that I love to wear dresses, and David Meister is one of my favorite dress designers. I love his feminine and sophisticated designs – and that his dresses are Made in America. I’ve featured David Meister on Commandress before (check out this chic pink twill dress and this perfect black jersey dress), but I’ve also been looking forward to featuring him as part of Smart, Chic & Made in the USA!

Another reason I like David Meister is because his dresses almost always fit me – this consistency is most likely because his “fit model” has a figure with proportions that are similar to mine. Designers use fit models to make prototypes and to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a real person. Fit models also represent the body proportions of the designer’s ideal target customer – for example, curvy or athletic. If you find that a brand seems to always fits you – or never fit you – it may be because of the brand’s fit model.

But, of course, fit models can change. I know an image consultant who swore off Elie Tahari for years because Tahari clothes never fit her well. One day she advised a client whose figure happened to be similar to hers to not bother trying on a Tahari suit. The client insisted, the suit fit like a glove, and the image consultant went back to the store later to buy herself the same suit. Now Tahari is one of her go-to brands. Moral of the story: it’s always worth giving a brand another chance – but, on the flipside, you could also find that a favorite brand suddenly stops working for you.

Returning to the topic at hand, this David Meister Herringbone Dress (shown above) would be a fantastic addition to your fall and winter work wardrobe. The dress has a sleek and polished silhouette, but the ruching is flattering and skims over the stomach. The buckle detail also draws the eye up to the model’s shoulders – helpful if that is an area you like to accentuate. The subtle black and charcoal grey herringbone is more forgiving than a bolder color combination (like black and white – which could add visual weight). The boat neck, three-quarter sleeves, and knee-length hem make this a wonderfully appropriate dress for work. Finally, I love that the dress is shown here with bright red shoes – this is a perfect dress to pair with boldly colored accessories. The David Meister Herringbone Dress is Made in the USA from imported fabric and available from Neiman Marcus for $398.

David Meister Multiprint Drapeneck DressAs a bit of a wild card, I also love this David Meister Multiprint Drapeneck Dress. The “belt” and “cuffs” are made from a grey and white lace print fabric, which is a perfect visual break between two bold prints. I found the dress very appealing, but was a little skeptical about the prints until I tried it on – it turns out that I love how the prints look together. This dress would be too bold for some offices, but it would be a great option to wear to a work event – it’s fun, attractive, and has a modest but flattering silhouette. The David Meister Multiprint Drapeneck Dress is available from Lord & Taylor for $275.99 (marked down from $368). You can receive an additional 20% through August 7, bringing the price down to $234.59. Please click on the link below to access the sale.

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Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links for Lord & Taylor and  Neiman Marcus.


  1. Victoria says

    That print dress is beautiful! Perfect for a work function! I did not know about fit models – need to pay more attention to whether or not a BRAND fits me – not just a particular item. I’m sure this has happened but I haven’t connected the dots.

  2. Judy says

    If a brand is looking for athletic, I’m certainly not an ideal target customer. This is good information to keep in mind when something doesn’t fit, which can be demoralizing no matter how rational you try to be. It’s not me; it’s the brand.

  3. Amy S. says

    Wow! The Multiprint Drapeneck Dress is a knock-out! I have one David Meister dress and love its quality and fit so I will have to see if I can juggle my budget for this one. I would definitely wear it at my office!

    • Commandress says

      Hi Amy! Thank you for weighing in on whether the print dress is office-appropriate. I’d wear it to the office too, but I know my comfort level with color is well above average. I think this dress works because it is sophisticated rather than girlish.

  4. Commandress says

    I tried the David Meister Herringbone Dress on last week, and it is just awesome as I expected. In fact, the dress is EVEN BETTER in person because of a detail that you can’t see in the pictures online: the herringbone fabric includes subtle bits of gold metallic thread. It’s a gorgeous dress – and a very special dress to enjoy wearing to work!

  5. Kika says

    This is really interesting info about the fit models. Who knew? (Commandress knew… of course!)