Smart, Chic & Made in the USA – Best Jewelry to Wear to Work

Commandress Special Reports – “Smart, Chic & Made in the USA” is a month-long feature that will spotlight American-made clothing that is work-appropriate and professional.

Arhaus JewelsWhile looking for Made in the USA items to feature on Commandress this month, I’ve learned to greatly appreciate retail websites that allow you to search for “USA” or “America” and receive results based on products’ country of origin (i.e., a list of all of the items for sale that are Made in the USA). This seemingly simple search function is much less common than you might imagine.

For today’s edition of Smart, Chic & Made in the USA, I’m featuring a selection of beautiful and work-appropriate jewelry from Arhaus Jewels. (Arhaus Jewels is an affiliate of Commandress.) For several years I’ve admired their jewelry and accessories. Now I’m also excited about how easy it is to identify American-made items on the Arhaus Jewels website!

I love the delicate design of this Acanthus Necklace. I’m a big fan of jewelry with mixed metals – here, gold vermeil and oxidized sterling silver. The pendant’s hammered surfaces will add a nice shimmery detail to your outfit without looking too sparkly. The pendant is large – two inches high – but its slim profile and delicate design prevent it from looking oversized. The Acanthus Necklace is also on sale: it’s available from Arhaus Jewels for $54 (marked down from $120).

Pearls may have a prim reputation, but this is one of the reasons why pearls are often perfect for the office. They are classic, understated and – perhaps most importantly – add a lovely glow to your face. If you are lucky enough to have a classic strand of real pearls, you can easily work the necklace into your wardrobe without looking stuffy. The trick is to wear your pearl necklace when it is unexpected (for example, paired with jeans, a leather blazer, or your most chic and up-to-date suit) rather than when pearls would be expected (for example, paired with a pastel floral day dress, twin set, or anything with a 50s retro vibe).

In addition, pearls are often used in jewelry that is perfectly contemporary. I especially love large baroque pearls in simple settings, like these Baroque Earrings (pictured above) and the Baroque Necklace (pictured on the right). Big pearls often look more contemporary than small ones – these earrings are one inch long. A big baroque pearl also looks modern paired with this substantial chain necklace with an unusual front hook clasp. The Baroque Earrings are available from Arhaus Jewels for $95. The Baroque Necklace is available from Arhaus Jewels in gold-plated brass or in sterling silver for $265.

Colored pearls are another pretty and modern way to work pearls into your professional (and weekend) wardrobe. These Aster Earrings combine beaded seed pearls with a faceted gemstone in an elegant teardrop shape. These earrings are very pretty, but not too big to be distracting – they are one inch long. They come in four lovely color combinations: green apatite (shown here), pale yellow chrysoberyl, blue zircon, and brown seleminite. The Aster Earrings are available from Arhaus Jewels for $90.

Finally, Arhaus Jewels has a lovely gift item that is Made in the USA from US-milled jacquard fabric. The Danika Jewelry Roll features three zippered compartments and a grosgrain ribbon. It is available in three colors: Gold/Rust (shown here), Rosy/Plum, and Taupe Floral. The jewelry roll is a pretty gift that would also be extremely functional for your friends and family who travel a lot. The Danika Jewelry Roll is available from Arhaus Jewels for $40.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links for Arhuas Jewels.


  1. Judy says

    Large faux pearls usually look better on more mature ladies too. They have more gravitas than a petite string of pearls.

  2. Vera says

    Am loving the gold and pearl necklace with the front clasp – how unique! I also have a long pearl rope that I wear often in various styles – knotted, double-looped, long, etc. The only part I have to remember is to not put it on until AFTER I’ve sprayed my hair spray or any other cosmetics….I ruined a fabulous pearl necklace that way before :(