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PrAna Phoebe Tank Top for Yoga and Beyond

Yesterday, I wrote about two brands of women’s activewear new to me. Today’s post is about a brand I already know and love.

Two years ago, I bought my first PrAna Amaya athletic dress. It’s flattering and comes in lots of fun prints. Now my wardrobe includes three Amaya dresses. They’ve held up great, and PrAna has become one of my favorite activewear brands.

A Yoga Top Pretty Enough to Wear Outside of Class

There is a PrAna top I have my eye on for its sporty design and gorgeous prints. PrAna’s Phoebe Tank Top has a shelf bra and a X-back design that’s attractive – as well as perfect for yoga and other activities. It’s also Made in the USA.

Several online sites carries the Phoebe Tank Top in different patterns.

The Phoebe Tank Top in Blue Pixie (below), Black Pixie and Viola Pixie is available from Zappos. ($65)
PrAna Womans Yoga Top Activewear

Garnet Hill has the Phoebe Tank Top in a Black Print (below) as well as an Indigo Print. ($65)

Woman Yoga Top Prana Yoga Top Garnet Hill

Sierra Trading Post has the Phoebe Tank Top in three colors in XS, S and M on sale for $42.95 has the Phoebe Tank Top in Plum Red Quito in L on sale for $52.99

The Phoebe Tank Top is made of recycled materials – as is much of PrAna’s activewear and other products. PrAna is a brand to have on your radar if environmental sustainability is a cause you care about.

Fun Fact: PrAna was the first North American company to produce and market Fair Trade Certified clothing.

Online, Zappos has the largest selection of PrAna activewear, gear and equipment. If you are interested in checking it out, click here.


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PrismSport Watercolors Fitness Apparel & Nordstrom Zella Activewear

We’re switching gears from the Revitalize Your Wardrobe Series for a bit to talk about Work Out Style.

Since I began working at home, I spend a lot more time in workout clothes, a.k.a, fitness apparel, performance clothing, activewear or “athleisure.” I confess some days I stay in my yoga clothes for quite a while – running a few errands after class and even meeting friends for coffee.

But, I’m not apologetic about it. Performance clothing can be really nice!

“There are some people who think activewear should be reserved for exercising.
I respectfully disagree.”

When in Rome…Wear Your Activewear

Activewear has come a long way in the past decade. So has society’s acceptance of it – along with a renewed interest in healthy lifestyles.

My attitude about when it is appropriate or inappropriate to wear activewear beyond the gym is summed up by the cliché, “When in Rome.”

What I mean by that is observe what is acceptable among your peers and colleagues. Since I began working from home, many of the friends I see on weekdays also work from home, are fitness instructors, or are stay-at-home moms. If we’ve all just been exercising, we’re all fine with meeting up wearing our activewear.

Since I’m spending more time in my yoga clothes, it has become necessary to divert some of the money I used to spend on other types of clothing to invest in my workout style. Because I have a really bad case of poison ivy right now, I will not share a picture of myself in my new activewear. Instead, they are pictured below.

Womens workout style activewear yoga clothes

Clockwise from top: Zella Amplify Long Racerback Tank in Black ($38 from Nordstrom), Long Sleeve Zip Top – Watercolors with Navy Trim (Sale: $58 from PrismSport, Original: $98, Made in USA), Zella Live In 2 Capris in Blue Greece ($48 from Nordstrom), Racerback Tank Top – Watercolors (Sale: $42 from PrismSport, Original: $70, Made in USA)

More Details about PrismSport’s Activewear

Recently, PrismSport’s fitness apparel crossed my radar. They have tops and bottoms in a lot of vibrant prints including ButterfliesDaisies, and Python to name a few. My favorite is Watercolors.

My new Racerback Tank Top – Watercolors (Sale: $42 from PrismSport, Original: $70, Made in USA) and Long Sleeve Zip Top – Watercolors with Navy Trim (Sale: $58 from PrismSport, Original: $98, Made in USA) are so pretty, I can’t wait to wear them to class. They fit great and are true to size. I love the material, and the print is even better looking in person.

Fitness Apparel Made in USA Womens Activewear Workout  Tops Performance Clothing

About Nordstrom’s Zella Activewear

In addition to my PrismSport purchases, last month I took advantage of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale and bought a couple items from Zella, which Nordstrom’s own line of women’s activewear.

I picked this Zella Live In 2 Capris in Blue Greece ($48 from Nordstrom) and Zella Amplify Long Racerback Tank in Black ($38). The capris are also available in Purple Field and Red Jazzy and the tank is also available in Blue Greece, Gray Graphite, Orange Autumn, Pink Honey, Purple Field and White. I am as elated with my new Zella top and bottom as I am with my PrismSport tops.

Zella Activewear Fitness Apparel Performance Clothing Yoga Clothes Workout Wear

With these recent purchases, I’ve just brought my workout style to a new level – not to mention everything is coffee-shop and errand-worthy!


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Don’t Like Your Clothes? Revitalize Them! (Part 1)

The other day a friend posted on Facebook how liberated she felt since applying Marie Kondo’s philosophy of keeping only what you love. Another friend commented – half jokingly – that she hates all her clothes. It got me thinking about that sentiment. Who hasn’t thought, “I have nothing to wear?”

Today’s post is going to delve into this problem – which is almost universal among women. It will launch a series of posts about how to revitalize your wardrobe.

And today’s post will end with the one item that every woman’s wardrobe must have.

Most Commandress readers are not twentysomething women. (If you are, you are a wise soul!) We have all lived a little. Unless we have gained or lost a significant amount of weight, we all probably have clothes in our closet that are 5, 10, or maybe even 15+ years old.

That is great – if the clothes aren’t showing their age, fit & flatter your figure and personality, and suit your current lifestyle.

I will take a leap and wager that most of us have clothes that are shabby, stained, ill-fitting, and unflattering. And we also have clothes that don’t complement our personality (which has evolved over time) and are ill-suited to the life we live now.

If this resonates with you, read on. It’s time to be frank with yourself and part ways with those clothes. It’s not easy, but you can do it.

In the past two years, my lifestyle has changed dramatically. I went from working in an office five days a week to working from home. My profession has changed – I worked at a law school and now I am a fashion blogger. And I lost twenty pounds. Today I’m sharing how I revitalized my wardrobe.

How To Cull Your Wardrobe

It begins with giving yourself permission. Imagine you are a child who has outgrown all her clothes and you must replace them. (The benefit of being an adult is you also have permission to keep the items in your closet that still work!) Unless your budget is completely accounted for, you can and should shop for yourself and update your wardrobe.

The reality is you probably wear only a small percentage of your clothing. That is because subconsciously you have already culled your wardrobe without physically removing those items.

If you do not have the self-discipline to cull your closet alone, hire a personal stylist or ask a trusted friend to help you take a hard look at your current wardrobe.

You should assess each item individually and ask yourself:

Is it stained, shabby, worn or out of style?
Does it fit? (If not, is it worth bringing to a tailor for alterations?)
Does it flatter your figure?
Does it complement the look you’re trying to achieve?
Does it fit your current lifestyle?
Does it make you happy when you wear it?

If you answer no to any of these questions, give yourself permission to consign, donate or pitch it.

How to Find New Clothes

So, hopefully you are a little inspired, but you probably have some doubts. At first, one doubt I had was wondering if I would be able to find new clothes that I really like. The second doubt that I experienced – which I think we all share – is whether I could handle the expense of this exercise.

The first doubt is easy. I can emphatically assure you that you will be able to find new clothes you love! It may require some effort, because you will:

Only buy items that fit, that flatter your figure, that complement the look you’re aiming to achieve, that fit your current lifestyle and that make you happy!

The second doubt is also one you can overcome: set a budget and shop accordingly. Some of my new staples were deeply on sale or come from lower price stores like Target. They may not last as long as a more expensive item, but they fit my budget. FYI, over time some of my favorite clothes have also come from thrift and consignment stores.

A few more things to do before you shop:

(1) Don’t tell yourself that you will shop after you lose 5+ pounds. Shop for the body that you have now. You can always have something altered!

(2) Take your measurements – especially if you are shopping online. It really helps you hone in on the correct size. (I used this method to buy a bathing suit this spring.)

(3) Finally, think about the styles you have that work and then the styles you have that don’t work. This will help you steer toward promising items.

The One Item Every Woman Must Have

So, what is the one item every woman should have in her closet?

A neutral skirt or pants that fit, flatter,
suit your lifestyle and coordinate with an assortment of tops.

The reason I say a skirt OR pants is because every woman must cater to her lifestyle and some women prefer one over the other.

A neutral bottom is black, dark blue/navy, brown, tan or white. Remember, you’re not to purchase – or if you shop online keep – anything that does not meet the above criteria or that you cannot fix with a quick trip to the seamstress!

Here are examples of neutral skirts, followed by examples of neutral pants.

Denim A-Line Skirt Black Knee Length Skirt Grey Skirt White Linen Skirt Camel Skirt

From left to right, top to bottom: DKNYC Flared Hem Ponte Skirt in Black ($69.50 from Dillards) | Audrey Skirt in Camel ($118 from Boden) also available in Black, Seaweed (Navy) and Amaranth (Red) | Three Dots Flared Linen Skirt in White ($80 from Bloomingdales, Made in USA) |  Eileen Fisher Viscose Jersey Flare Skirt in Black ($118 from Dillards, also available from Neiman Marcus, Made in USA) | Chic A-Line Skirt in Indigo ($68 from Boden) also available in Ticking Stripe and Vintage | Custom Stretch Pencil Skirt in Eclipse Grey ($69.50 from Loft) also available in Navy in regular, petite and tall.

Womens Neutral Slacks Womens Neutral PantsWomens Neutral Pants Womens Denim Pants

From left to right: Campbell Trouser in Bi-Stretch Cotton in Navy ($98 from J. Crew) also available in White, Dune and Black in regular, petite and tall | Custom Stetch Trouser Leg Pants in Julie Fit in Eclipse Grey ($79.50 from Loft, take an extra $25 off) also available in Dark Denim in regular, petite and tall | Eileen Fisher Essential Pants in Black ($168 from Dillards, Made in USA) | Halogen Stretch Denim Trousers in Dark Denim ($88 from Nordstrom, for Plus size, click here) | NYDJ Bi-Stretch Welt Pocket Pant in Vintage Taupe ($110 from Zappos, for similar Plus size pants in Black, click here) also available in black | Custom Stetch Trouser Leg Pants in Julie Fit in Eclipse Grey ($79.50 from Loft) also available in Dark Denim in regular, petite and tall.

Here are two parting tips. When you find a skirt or pair of pants you love, buy it in any other color it comes in. And, if the pants are long enough buy two pair – one to wear with heels and one to wear with flats – and have them hemmed accordingly.

Your assignment is to determine if you have at least one skirt or pair of pants that you love! Remember, if your budget is $30 or less, start at Target or ThredUp. For Target, click here, and for ThredUp click, here.


Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.